Distance Learning System (DLS) - Study program of General Law

As today’s life cannot be imagined without the Internet and new technologies, the distance learning system is becoming increasingly popular in our lives. Accepting these innovations and challenges, a team of experts from the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad has decided to embrace the changes and, after many months of work, came up with our DLS (distance learning system) platform. Considering the fact that the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad is a proactive institution, striving for constant improvement and following current educational trends both in the home country and abroad, we have digitalized teaching materials, modernized study contents, simplified access to our DLS platform and accredited distance learning system for the study program - General Law.

Distance learning system offers the same quality of studying as the traditional way. DLS study programs have the same curriculum and through DLS students get the same level of knowledge, with the same efficiency as they would have studying in a traditional way. Distance learning system is possible only with the use of information and communication technologies. It is slowly but surely replacing the traditional way of studying, either completely or in part.

The Faculty possesses the necessary hardware equipment which provides technical support to the distance learning system. The main resource for the distance learning system at the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary is a software package called MOODLE, which each student can easily access. Distance learning system enables our students to study at the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary wherever they are located. Multimedia-aided lectures and practical classes are available to students at all times, as well as teaching materials and self-study exercises in digital format, which students can use for the preparation of exams. All these enable successful studying even for students who are employed and cannot physically attend classes every day. With DLS students from all over our country, but also from abroad, have an opportunity to study in the comfort of their homes while attending on-line classes through the MOODLE platform. Thanks to the simplicity and flexibility of its usage, Moodle is currently considered as one of the most popular DLS platforms in the world.

Curriculum for the study program of General Law

General Law study program - Undergraduate academic studies

 Course name Semester ECTS points
First year
1. Introduction to Law I 10
2. Roman Law and History of Judicial Institutions I 6
3. The Fundamentals of Economics I 8
4. Sociology I 6
5. Constitutional Law II 14
Elective list 1:
6. Elective course 1 II 8
7. Elective course 2 II 8
* Basics of Informatics
* Legal Ethics
* German language - general course
* English language - general course
Second year
1. Introduction to Civil Law III 5
2. Inheritance Law III 8
3. Criminal Law - general course III 8
4. Commercial Law III 9
5. Misdemeanor Law IV 7
6. Labor Law IV 8
7. Family Law IV 8
8. Criminal Law – specialized course IV 7
Third year
1. Administrative Law - general course V 8
2. Law of Contracts and Torts V 8
3. Criminal Procedure Law - general course V 7
4. Property Law V 7
5. Public International Law VI 6
6. Criminal Procedure Law - specialized course VI 8
Elective list 2:
7. Elective course 3 VI 8
8. Elective course 4 VI 8
* Criminology with Legal Psychology
* Economic System
* Business German course
* Business English course
Fourth year
1. Administrative Law – specialized course VII 5
2. Financial Law VII 8
3. Organized Crime VII 8
4. Civil Procedure Law VII 9
5. International Protection of Human Rights VIII 7
6. Private International Law VIII 7
Elective list 3:
7. Elective course 5 VIII 8
8. Elective course 6 VIII 8
* Law of Local Self-Government
* Criminalistics
* Business Informatics
* Water Law
  Total number of ECTS points earned after four years   240