Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

Our main purpose is to provide students with the most advanced level of professional competency through an interplay of teaching and research and by using the most effective ways of communicating with them. We provide a broad range of flexible and high quality undergraduate, graduate and doctoral study programs. By focusing on continuous professional development and research, we have been creating a dynamic educational community, which jointly works on constant improvement of the quality of educational process.

The main goal of the Faculty is to meet the needs of our users i.e. students, as well as the needs of other stakeholders. In conducting educational and research work, the Faculty operations have been aligned with the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia which is currently in force, but the Faculty strives for even wider harmonization with the processes of European integration of higher education.

The quality system of the Faculty has been implemented in accordance with the international ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Quality Assurance Policy

The goals of quality assurance refer to constant quality improvement in the domain of teaching, research and management. They are in line with the requirements and quality standards for the evaluation of higher education and research institutions.

In implementing the quality assurance policy, the Faculty cooperates with its users (students), as well as other faculties and institutions in the home country and abroad.

The quality policy is absolutely in line with the clearly defined purpose of the Faculty. The Faculty management assumes responsibility for the implementation and continuous improvement of the established quality management system, as well as for making sure that all employees understand it, accept it, and act in accordance with its main principles.

The rights and duties of all employees involve the implementation of the quality policy in their work, as well as improvement of the quality management system and promotion of the Faculty through their own work.

The quality management system of the Faculty has been described in the Rules of Procedure referring to Quality Assurance.

The Commission for Quality Assurance and the Quality Manager, as representatives of the Faculty management, are responsible for quality control and dissemination of information relating to the quality policy.