Undergraduate academic studies last four years and upon completion students earn the total number of 240 ECTS points and the academic title of a BACHELOR OF LAW.

The enrolment requirements for undergraduate academic studies are previously completed 4 years of secondary education and passed entrance examination.

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Master academic studies last one year and upon completion students earn the total number of 60 ECTS points and the academic title of a MASTER OF LAW.

Master academic studies have been conceptualized based on the experiences of the leading home and international universities, as well as on the former experience of the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad in the domain of providing and organizing master academic studies.

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Through the interaction of education and research, led by our students’ interests, as well as economic and social needs, The Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad has developed high-quality doctoral study programs. By focusing on continuous professional development and research, we have created a dynamic educational environment which constantly improves the quality of educational processes.

Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad last three years. Upon completion, students earn the total number of 180 ECTS points and are awarded the academic title of a DOCTOR OF LAW/DOCTOR OF LEGAL SCIENCES.

The main characteristics of doctoral studies are:
  • All courses last one semester;
  • For each course there is a clearly defined number of ECTS points, depending on the work load necessary to fully master the course content;
  • In the first and third semester of doctoral studies, students are required to conduct research which is a part of learning how to write a research/academic paper, whereas in the fifth and sixth semester, their research work is aimed at writing a theoretical framework for their doctoral dissertation;
  • During the studies, a student is obliged to write and publish two academic papers (one in the first and one in the second year of studies);
  • Of the total number of courses, there are five mandatory and five elective courses (3 out of 6 offered in the first year and 2 out of 4 offered in the second year) that a student can choose from. Students are given the possibility to choose courses and narrow scientific discipline they want to study and specialize in depending on their interests;
  • Writing and defending a doctoral dissertation.
The Faculty offers doctoral studies in two study programs:
  • Criminal Law
  • Commercial Law

By completing these study programs, our graduates become experts in criminal law and/or commercial law. Hopefully, by applying the acquired competencies and skills, they will improve working effectiveness and efficiency of state bodies and their specialized services.

Our goal is to provide students with the most recent and advanced knowledge in the field of law and produce generations of young intellectuals i.e. leaders, scientists and experts capable of coping with new challenges both in the private and public sector.

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