Center for Security and Criminal Forensics Studies

Center for Security and Criminal Forensics Studies (CSCFS), within the Faculty of Law of the University of Business Academy, is a Serbian center of excellence with international contacts, offering expertise in security and criminal forensics studies in research, teaching, and consulting activities.

Director of Center
Prof. Željko Bjelajac, Ph.D.

Prof. Željko Bjelajac, Ph.D.

Director of center for Security and Criminal Forensics Studies
Professor at the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad.

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  • We aim to contribute to more peaceful and more secure world by educating highly qualified younger researchers and education of youth in context of raising of collective awareness on significance of security culture, including other activities that contribute to promotion of culture of peace and non-violence.
  • We affirm understanding of challenges and approach to security policy, crime suppression policy, with application of scientific methods for recognition, collection, identification, and comparison of physical evidence created by criminal or illegal activities, including reconstruction of such events by evaluation of physical evidence and crimes...
  • Our activities are independent, relevant for practical application and based on sound academic foundations, they integrate research and counselling which serve as a bridge between the academic community, practice and interested public.
  • We offer services of scientific and professional expertise, we publish scientific and professional publications, organize lectures, specialist courses, academic conferences and workshops, to improve cooperation and exchange of ideas between the scientific community and creators of security policy and crime suppression policy who work in these fields practically.
  • Realization of interdisciplinary research and development of an integrated network for the exchange of knowledge at the national and international level.
  • Improving the professional skills of employees in the security-intelligence sector and the criminal police sector with goal of support and protection of the rights of citizens and affirmation of national and international security.
  • Establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships with the security sector, criminal justice, NGOs, and other stakeholders.
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