Goals of internationalization

The Centre for International Cooperation has been established at the University Business Academy in Novi Sad, with the primary aim to intensify international cooperation through a greater number of cooperation agreements.

By dedicated work on the development of our network of partner institutions, we wish to continuously develop and improve the existing teaching curricula, learning from the experiences and business practice of the developed economies. Within the scope of international cooperation, we have envisaged the following forms of cooperation:

  • Mobility of teaching staff relating to giving lectures, organizing consultations and conducting research work of common interest;
  • Mobility of students and young research associates related to their internship or practical training at some of the partner faculties and universities;
  • The exchange of curricula for undergraduate and graduate studies;
  • The exchange of teaching methods and academic literature, bibliographic units and research papers of common interest;
  • Publishing academic and research papers, studying the topics of common interest, writing textbooks and publishing conference proceedings;
  • Joint organization of conferences, seminars, symposiums, round-table conferences and other kinds of exchanges within the field of work.

So far, we have established cooperation with a large number of higher education institutions, organizations, chambers of commerce and state institutions from different countries. Our work in this domain will only be intensified in the future.