About the Faculty

The Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad

The Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad is a higher education institution whose primary aim is to foster students’ personal development and produce generations of young intellectuals who will not only be experts in their fields, but also well-rounded and strong individuals capable of independent problem solving and dealing with challenges in the domain of economics, law and legal profession in general. Our study programs have been created in accordance with the vision of a better, faster and more efficient higher education.

The curriculum, teaching methods and assessment of student progress have all been developed in line with the previously mentioned principles. While conceptualizing and structuring the content of study programs, we were led by student interests and their need for a quality education which implies the necessary skills and competencies for the chosen professional area. The teaching process, which is interactive, multidisciplinary and enhanced by multi-media used in the classroom, creates a perfect learning environment for lively, rich and informative course content. Our teaching is also special in that it focuses on a close teacher - student relationship, where a teacher assumes the role of a mentor who guides and advises students during their studies. Students have a lot of exposure to real-life situations in the form of case study analyses or occasional visits to court proceedings. Our main focus is on the development of each individual, application of theoretical knowledge to real-life situations and teaching students how to write normative and other legal documents.

So far, the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad has achieved significant results in the education of young, ambitious individuals, who successfully started careers in the judicial system, in courts, prosecutor’s offices, law firms, state bodies and institutions as well as in the economic sector.

The successful integration of our students in the labor market or their further academic development in the field of law, presents the best proof that our Faculty provides its students with the fundamental knowledge in legal sciences, while also preparing them for the bar exam. The pedagogical and professional work with students is based on theoretical and practical experience of a great number of our professors and experts in the most important areas of national, international and EU law.