Student internship

On 23 November 2010, the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad (in further text: the Faculty) signed the cooperation agreement with the Higher Court in Novi Sad, which involves the organization of student internship in the domain of Criminal Procedure Law, a course taught by Ass. Prof. Jelena Matijašević, Ph.D.

Student internship is organized in cycles, with fixed schedule made in accordance with the availability of the Higher Court in Novi Sad.

Student internship comprises three parts:

  • attending court proceedings;
  • communication with court judges so that students can discuss and analyze court proceedings from the perspective of current judicial practice;
  • simulation of court proceedings and writing of legal documents.

Students are divided into groups led by different first instance judges of the Higher Court in Novi Sad and they are supposed to attend and follow the trials for 10 working days.

Elaborate analysis of the trials they attended, students can get from the judges who were designated for specific areas of law by the President of the Higher Court in Novi Sad. These interactive meetings of students and judges are held on the premises of the Court.

Students prepare for trial simulations at the Faculty together with their teachers and teaching assistants of the Criminal Procedure Law course. Simulations of the trial are organized on the last day of internship. During the internship, students are expected to keep an Internship Journal, which should be verified every day by a mentor, teacher, or teaching assistant, whose signature is considered as confirmation of a student’s attendance and active participation.

After successfully completed internship, the Faculty awards students with a certificate signed by signatories of the aforementioned cooperation agreement.