Study program of Commercial Law

The reason we thought it was extremely important to create a master study program in Commercial Law is because economic development is the primary goal of any country. This study program allows students to build on their previously acquired body of knowledge, particularly in the field of commercial and legal relationships. Master academic studies in Commercial Law are developed in accordance with the needs of modern economy and its legal aspects. The curriculum consists of carefully selected courses whose content should contribute to a better understanding of the main concepts and easier problem-solving of a variety of commercial and legal issues. We continuously improve and modernize our study programs, making it relevant, modern and of high quality in terms of content.

Master academic studies last one year and are worth 60 ECTS points. Upon completion of this commercial-legal study program, a student is awarded the title of a MASTER of LAW. Having completed master’s studies, a student can continue with his/her education by enrolling in one of our doctoral study programs which last three years.

The teaching process is organized in small groups and based on mentoring students, which enables direct contact between a student and a professor. The emphasis is on the individual development of students, development of their creativity, critical thinking, team work, functional knowledge and usage of the latest technology. Occasional visits by experts from different fields contribute to the quality of teaching.

Curriculum for the study program of Commercial Law

Master academic studies in Commercial Law

 Course Name Semester ECTS points
1. Commercial Procedure Law I 9
2. Arbitration of Disputes I 8
3. Methodology of Scientific Research I 7
4. Research Study – Theoretical Foundations for the Master’s Thesis I 4
Elective list 1:
5. Elective course 1 II 9
6. Elective course 2 II 9
A student is supposed to choose two out of four offered subjects:
* International Trade Law
* Bankruptcy Law
* Stock Exchange Law
* Financial Management
7. Legislative Drafting II 5
8. Master Thesis II 9
  Total number of ECTS points after one year   60