News about journal "Law - theory and practice"

16.12.2020.godine News

Dear colleagues, readers and authors,

I have the honour and pleasure to inform you about several the most important innovations concerning the status and indexing of the journal "Law - theory and practice".

During the last few months, the journal passed through certain significant phases of the improvement of its quality having the result in, among the other things, a new look of the web page (the link:

According to the categorization of the scientific journals for the year of 2019 being published by Republic of Serbia, the journal was recognized as a journal of the prominent national importance (the M52 category) for a scientific field of law and political science. The journal is indexed in relevant data bases (the link:

In the first half of 2020, the journal was also indexed in the Hein Online digital data basis within the domain of the legal science, which provided all the referenced articles to be recognized and scientifically valued in the M24 category.

I have a great pleasure to inform you that the journal has positively valued in the evaluation procedure and that it has been indexed in the Index Copernicus basis, the ICI Journals Master List for the year of 2019. On the grounds of the information being delievered during the evaluation and analysis of the journal issues referring to the year of 2019, the Index Copernicus Value (ICV) for the year of 2019 is 77.35. The Index Copernicus Value (IVC) of the journal concerning the year of 2019 can be seen on the ICI Journals List for the year of 2019:, as well as on the page:

Besides the previously mentioned data bases, the journal has been given a positive evaluation and indexed in the following bases:

The "Law - theory and practice" is a journal of an open approach whose issues are chronologically and neatly available in the Serbian citation index.

We thank to all who contributed to the work and development of the journal. We hope to have a nice and quality future cooperation.


The editor-in-chief of the journal "Law - theory and practice".
Jelena Matijašević, LLD, an associate professor