06.12.2018.godine News

The International Conference on the Independence of the Judiciary System was organized by the OSCE and held in Belgrade on November 28, 2018. The conference was organized within the framework of the project entitled "Strengthening Legal Guarantees for Independent and Impartial Tribunals" as part of the joint program of the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The conference was thematically divided into two parts, namely, one being dedicated to the independence of judges and the other one dedicated to prosecutorial autonomy.

The opening speech at the conference was given by Ms. Nela Kuburović, the Minister of Justice, followed by Mr. Dragomir Milojević, President of the High Judicial Council, and Ms. Tatjana Lagumdžija, Member of the State Prosecutorial Council. The ambassadors of the European Union, the Council of Europe and the OSCE mission to the Republic of Serbia also addressed the audience and took part in the conference.

In the part dedicated to the independence of courts and judges, the panelists were: Mr. Zlatko Knežević, President of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Member of the Venice Commission, Mr. Đuro Sessa, President of the Supreme Court of Croatia and President of the Consultative Council of European Judges, Mr. Savo Đurđić, Member of the High Judicial Council and Prof. Darko Golić Ph.D., representative of the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad.

In his speech Professor Golić reflected on some general issues related to the independence and legitimacy of the judiciary, as the prerequisites for its constitutionalization. Prof. Golić also talked about European standards for the election of judges and pointed to some specific solutions in comparative law and constitutional solutions in Serbia, emphasizing the need for their improvement in order to strengthen the independence of this form of state governance.